21 February 2009

Cranberry Chicken Salad Sandwiches

My BFF from college came into town for a conference this weekend. I was lucky enough to have her stop by for lunch on her way to register. To celebrate the occasion, I made some yummy bread and Cranberry Chicken Salad. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Cranberry Chicken Salad
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts (I prefer smaller chunks)
1 cup light mayo (I'm loving Kraft's new EVOO mayo)
salt & fresh ground pepper

  • Boil chicken breasts in water for about 20 minutes. Cool until you can shred them.
  • Mix together shredded chicken, cranberries, walnuts, & mayo. Add salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Vermont Oatmeal Maple-Honey Bread

adapted from The King Arthur Flour's Baking Companion- The All-Purpose Baking Cookbook

2 1/2 cups boiling water
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup maple sugar or brown sugar
1 tbsp honey
4 tbsp (1/2 stick) unsalted butter
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon (I omitted this as it was going to be a sandwich loaf)
1 tbsp instant yeast
1 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour
4 cups all-purpose flour

  • In a stand mixer bowl, combine the water, oats, maple sugar, maple flavor, honey, butter, salt, and cinnamon. Let cool to lukewarm.
  • Add the flours and yeast, mixing slowly with dough hook. Knead about 7 minutes until the dough is smooth. Add flour as needed to form dough ball.
  • Divide dough into 2 balls, shape into logs, and add to 2 lightly greased 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch bread pans. Cover the pans with lightly greased plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until the loaves have crowned about 1 inch over the rim of the pan, about 1 1/2 hour.
  • Preheat the oven to 350. Bake the loaves for 30-40 minutes, until golden brown. Let stand for 5 minutes in pan. Remove from pan and cool completely on wire rack.